Privacy Policy:
DealClippers ("Dealclippers", "our", "we" or "us") has outlined this Privacy Policy which states the usage, collection and disclosure of the personal information of the users collected on the website which is owned and operated by or any other successor websites linked to Deal Clippers. This privacy policy was made so that the user can make an informed decision whether to continue to use or close our website. This Privacy Policy is responsible for the pages of this website, emails sent to you by DealClippers and any other communication or products which were initiated by DealClippers. Every time you use or continue to use our website after reading this Privacy Policy, it will be assumed that you have read and understood this privacy policy and are bound to the terms laid out in this Privacy Policy. If you disagree with anything written here or on any other pages of the website DealClippers, then it is for the best that you discontinue using this website.
Contacting us:
We tend to collect your information every time you contact us with your queries, feedbacks, comments or any other data. This information mainly involves your name, email address, phone number and postal address. The sharing of information constitutes that you have developed a business relation with us. It is also assumed that the information you have provided is accurate and authentic and that you have consented to share it with us. It will be presumed that you have authorized us to contact you via telephone call, text message, email, postal mail and through any other medium of communication.
Registration Information:
This includes you personal information which is Identifiable information as it can identify you as a unique individual. We collect this information when you sign up or when you provide us with your information. There will not be any need to register, download browser extensions or any other medium to access or use the coupons on our website DealClippers. Your Regional Information includes your address, postal code, city, and country information. This information is received when you provide it to us while registering on our website. Your Geolocation information which is gathered for geographic data collection and is mostly collected through your cell phone. You have the right and access to change your location information by changing your zip code information at the time of registering. We at DealClippers have the right to deny access of to any user without discretion of the reason behind it.
Promotions and Surveys:
We will request the users of DealClippers to participate in Surveys and Promotional activities. The user will not be forced and it will be assumed that the user is doing us a favor by informing us about his/her preferences and choices. It will mostly be related to brands and coupons on our website. This will help us greatly in giving you excellent service based on your choices. This will improve the quality of our website which will benefit the users more.
Technological Information:
Other than your personal information we at DealClippers will collect your information via different technologies. This information will be collected whenever you visit or interact with Deal Clippers. Affiliate Referral URLs will be collected whenever you will access, use or redeem any coupon at Deal Clippers. Usage Information includes information regarding the usage of the website and it tends to mainly collect the user preferences and choices based on your selection of brands and coupons. Device Identifier involves the recognition of your device type as when you first visit our website; your device is assigned a unique ID that is a combination of numbers which enables us to recognize you individually. So, when you visit us again our Device Identifier will inform us that this is a recurrent visitor and will therefore provide you services based on your earlier choices. Usage information is mainly non-identifying but it can be recognizable as it tends to save your browser information and your device type. Your location and geolocation information helps us in providing you offer and services based on your current location. Usage, location, geolocation, and device identification information comes under the heading of personal information and we treat it as such only. There are other technologies which helps is better tracking you:
Cookies are small data files which are stored in your browsers. They are downloaded automatically in your browser through our website when you first visit it. Cookies help in storing information. It is mostly non-identifiable information and will not be used against you or in building a personal connection with you. There are two types of cookies; Session and Persistent cookies. Session cookies tend to stay in your browser for a shorter period and will be deleted once you close your browser. However, Persistent cookie will stay in your browser for a longer period such as a week or two. They will keep on storing data such as your device type, IP address and browser information. When you will visit us again with the cookie in your browser, it will automatically inform us that you are visiting again.
These are small graphic images which are placed on our website and in our emails, they are mostly to inform us that whether an action has taken place or not. For example, the Web Beacon in our email will inform us if you have opened our email or not. These Web Beacons also help us in counting the visitors on our web pages.
We tend to log your device information and other such information like access time, language preference, browser type, the pages you were referred from and etc. This information helps us in storing data about you and this is mostly done to analyze the website and its effectives in gauging result. This information is used for statistical purposes and helps us better in meeting our targets.
Third-party information:
The information which we collect from Third-Parties is also stored for statistical purposes and helps us in tracking your movement better. It also helps in the validation n of your information which is with us. This information helps us in building a strong business relation with you and provides you offers and promotional deals in regard to your demographic and personal information.
We tend to use your information to contact you in regard to your queries, feedback, complains, etc. This information is used to contact you in various ways based on the medium of communication. We may also contact you to give out our best offers or deals which might interest you and you have shown interest earlier. To improve our website DealClippers and to give you a more customized experience. We might also contact you in regard to any changes in our Privacy Policy or terms of agreement in order to keep you updated and also, to contact you in cases of emergency if they might arise.
We work with merchants or advertisers who are our business partners and so we might be able to share your information with them under special circumstances. This might be done with or without your knowledge but it should be noted that they are liable to use that information in any way they want to. This is why it is advisable and for your benefit to read any and every website Privacy Policy which you might come in contact with through our website.
We may also request you to partake in activities such as surveys and sweepstakes. These greatly help us in analyzing your choices and preferences and will enable us to show you offer which might interest you. These will be optional and you will in no way be liable to take these surveys.
In cases of legal emergencies, we will share your information with the legal authorities without prior notice. This situation may arise at the time of fraudulent activities or any other such complaint received against you.

If you have any other queries regarding this Privacy Policy or your personal information or if you want to change or delete any data of your which is with us then you can contact us at We will try to resolve your query for you. You may also visit or send us a postal mail at the Address mentioned below:
Attn: Customer Care
Postal Code: 92037
6333 La Jolla Boulevard, Suite No. 274,
La Jolla, CA
Attention: Privacy Administrator
We at DealClippers does not contact, communicate or deal with children under thirteen years old who visit our website. Therefore, it is assumed that the user is above thirteen years of age and has consented to share their information with us. Also, if we find out that the user is an underage then we will terminate any communication or dealings with the individual.
This Privacy Policy covers only the Privacy statement of and is in no way will be held responsible for the actions of third-party websites. Therefore, it is reminded again to read the privacy policy of every third-party website.

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